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Publications related to the 'MQB-Pascal' Project (EPM 22IEM04)

[01] Atomic Bethe logarithm in the mean-field approximation

Lesiuk, Michał, and Jakub Lang. Physical Review A 108.4: 042817. (2023), (

[02] Demonstration of a Transportable Fabry–Pérot Refractometer by a Ring-Type Comparison of Dead-Weight Pressure Balances at Four European National Metrology Institutes

Clayton Forssén, Isak Silander, Johan Zakrisson, Eynas Amer, David Szabo,Thomas Bock, André Kussike, Tom Rubin, Domenico Mari, Stefano Pasqualin, Zaccaria Silvestri, Djilali Bentouati, Ove Axner, and Martin Zelan. Sensors, 24(1), 7. (2023)

[03] An Invar-based dual Fabry–Perot cavity refractometer for assessment of pressure with a pressure independent uncertainty in the sub-mPa region

Isak Silander, Johan Zakrisson, Martin Zelan, and Ove Axner. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 41(6). (2023)