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Our four technical work packages are related to the following specific objectives

  1. To develop high‑accuracy primary pressure instruments based on Fabry‑Perot (FP) refractometry for traceability to the pascal and covering the 1 Pa to 30 kPa range. The target uncertainty is 2 mPa + 10 ppm (k=2).
  2. To develop validated quantum‑based methods (including FP‑based techniques, Rayleigh scattering, and polarising gas thermometry methods) to enable traceability within the 1 Pa to 1 MPa range with a target uncertainty of 5 mPa + 30 ppm (k=2). Applications should include gauge mode measurement, measurement of dynamic pressure and measurements with nitrogen and dry air. The concepts of miniaturisation and transportability should also be investigated.
  3. To improve the metrological reference data and estimate the relevant uncertainties for the thermodynamic and electrodynamic properties of primarily nitrogen, i.e., density and dielectric virial coefficients, temperature dependent static and dynamic polarisabilities. The target uncertainty of the molar polarisability is less than 10 ppm.
  4. To verify that the developed instruments utilising the developed quantum‑based methods are consistent with their combined uncertainties and with existing primary standards, as well as to assess their long‑term stability.